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For Fun and Fundraising

With one of the oldest and most trusted entertainment companies in the tri-state area, setting up a casino event has never been safer or easier. With over 50 years combined experience running parties, events, and fundraisers, the management team at NJCN offers all our customers an unparalleled level of customer service.

We bring everything you need for a successful night from the dealers and tables to the raffle tickets for prizes. Each of our dealers are hand-picked professionals who excel at welcoming your guests to the tables and thrive at teaching new players the rules of the game. With unbeatable service, quality tables, and highly competitive pricing, you won’t find a better value! We guarantee your next party will have your guests talking for… well… until your next one!

We are also one of the few casino night rental companies licensed to hold fundraisers in New Jersey. So don’t gamble on your next event!

Go with the sure thing.

A Casino Night Party is Perfect for a...

  • Birthday Party
  • Family Reunion
  • Going Away Party
  • Bridal Shower
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • Graduation Party
  • Class Reunion
  • Anniversary Party
  • Retirement Party
  • Texas Hold'em Tournament
  • Team Building Event
  • Awards Dinner
  • Office Party
  • Customer Appreciation Event
  • School Fundraiser
  • Church Fundraiser
  • Any Fundraiser!
  • Any Party!
  • And So Much More!

Planning Your Party

  1. Build your guest list.
  2. Once you know how many people you are expecting, we can give you our recommended number of tables. It will also be easier choosing a venue.

  3. Choose your venue.
  4. Whether the party is in your basement, backyard, or in a castle, an event can't happen without a place to get together. Give us a call if you're curious about spacing for the casino tables.

  5. Contact us.
  6. Now that you know location, date, and size, we can give you the most accurate quote.

  7. We take care of the rest!
  8. Once we have confirmed the event, all you need to do is sit back and wait! We take care of everything, including any licensing paperwork, staffing, music and announcements, loading, set up, break down – you name it!

Reserve Your Date

Casino Night Flow

A unique and memorable party for all occasions, you cannot go wrong with a casino night party. But how does a casino event usually unfold?

  • Guests Arrive!
  • As the guests arrive, they pick up their funny money and head out to the tables for a night of great fun.

  • Gambling!
  • Exciting and harmless gambling brings your guests together. Players are welcome to mingle, eat, and drink at the tables. They are also encouraged to learn something new!

  • Funny Money Specials
  • Typically run at fundraisers, funny money specials encourage guests to dig deeper and donate. Although no money is allowed at a private party, there's nothing stopping you from doing something just as exciting.

  • Cash Out
  • We start slowly phasing tables out as we count everyone's winnings. We can give out raffle tickets (usual fundraiser choice) or keep a tally of biggest winners (usual private party choice).

  • Prizes
  • Depending on your cash out choice, prizes will be awarded to either the highest winners or to those who won the raffle. And everyone walks away with great memories!

Behind the Tables

Our biggest pride and joy are the dealers we bring to your event. Everyone of them is professional, well-trained, and thrives on teaching new players the rules of the game! They will have non-gamblers playing Craps in no time flat.

Meet The Managers

Jim Perno
Director of Operations

This is the man responsible for making the plans happen. With 20+ years of hands-on experience in the event industry – from massive festivals with inflatables to intimate casino parties – your event could not be in better hands.

Donna Perno
Chief Financial Officer

Founding the company back in 1992, Donna has continued to work on its growth and success throughout the years. Seeing clients and customers succeed in their event goals invigorates her and is her driving focus in this industry.

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